Melting and holding furnace

  This kind of furnace is mainly designed for continuous casting and suits for pressured casting. Melted aluminium is contained in furnace chamber constructed by heat-resistant brick. Capacity is from 500kg to 2000kg.


 – High uniformity of whole aluminium-melted body

 – High quality noise reducing system.

 – High temperature contributed uniformly in the whole aluminium-melted body.

 – High energy efficiency controller to minimize power consumption.

 – Powered by gas, oil.

 – Multi-layer insulation and lightweight refractory concrete/bricks provide safe temperature for outside furnace surface.

 -Inside the furnace, we use multi-layer insulation and lightweight refractory concrete/bricks which help melting aluminum process more effective, reduce heat loss through the furnace wall, reduce fuel consumption; and lower temperature (70~80℃) of the furnace iron case, it increase the furnace durability. With these advantages above, we guarantee that the furnace can work for more than 5 years.