Aluminum and copper gas melting furnace

Gas melting furnace with graphite crucible, burner is powered by gas or oil, the purpose is to melt the amount of the aluminum required. This type of furnace is durable, can be used up to 5 years. Because its fuel is gas and oil, so chimney is required, and lead to more heat loss than electric furnace. Capacity is from 100kg to 1000kg of molten aluminum mass.


 – Simple construction, easy to operate.

 – Easy to maintain, only need to change the crucible.

 – Molten aluminum temperature is even in the whole molten aluminum mass..

 – High energy efficiency thanks to new generation material arrangement that make furnace surface not hot and reduce heat loss through the furnace wall.

 – Inside the furnace, we use multi-layer insulation and lightweight refractory concrete/bricks which help melting aluminum process more effective, reduce heat loss through the furnace wall, reduce fuel consumption; and also lower temperature (70~80℃) of the furnace iron case, it increase the furnace durability. With these advantages above, we guarantee that the furnace can work for more than 5 years.

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